Every year, at harvest time we collect straw. The main raw material for the production of straw pellets is wheat straw, which is left over after the grain harvesting. In order to ensure consistent quality of pellets, straw is collected by the our machinery. We pay a lot of attention to the straw moisture. Straw is collected at the humidity level of around 12-18%, as a result, there is no need for additional drying of straw, which significantly reduces the cost of production, so we can offer the high quality straw pellets and the best price as well.

The collected straw is chopped and milled into fractions having a length of up to 4 mm. Then, under high-pressure the straw is compressed to make straw pellets. During the production process, pellets are heated up to +110 °C, which destroys all bacteria and mold at the same time. That’s why this product is antiallergic and preventing the emergence of mold. The production process does not require any chemicals to form the pellets, which makes our pellets an environmentally friendly product. Finally, the pellets are cooled, cleaned from dust and packed into packages.

Overall, the pellets meet the following technical specifications: diameter 8 mm, length of 5-30 mm, the relative humidity of 8-12%, bulk density of 550-650 kg / m3, with the moisture absorption of about 300% of weight gain. The pellets are packed to your choice.