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Every year, at haverst time2we collect straw. The main raw material for the production of straw pellets is wheat straw, which is left over after the grain harvesting. In order to ensure consistent quality of pellets, straw is collected by the machinery. We pay a lot of attention to the straw moisture. Straw is collected at the humidity level of around 12-18%, as a result, there is no need for additional drying of straw …


Straw as bedding material2has been used for a very long time because it is a natural, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, animals like it. However, modern technology has allowed using straw to create the premium quality bedding called straw pellets. The straw-pellet bedding absorbs moisture very well, up to three times as much as its own weight, perfectly absorbing smells; the used …

Straw Pellets


To prepare a stall box of the size of 10 m 2 for your horse it requires about 150 to 170 kg of pellets to make a floor layer having a thickness of 4-5 cm. Throw 6-8 bags (20 kg bag) of straw pellets on the floor, spread evenly to make a layer approximately 4 cm thick. You may want to spray some water on straw pellets to make them softer. Then in 15-20 min, you can walk the horse into the stall box. As the horse …

Straw Pellet layer
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